About Light2

We’re a startup from Eindhoven that is trying to revolutionize the way we grow our food. We want to do this by re-engineering the greenhouse cladding as we know it. By making use of new technologies and common sense we will be able to provide a cladding that reduces heating costs by 30% and is so strong that no hail will be able to break it. We believe in changing the way we produce our food. We are creating new standard for greenhouse cladding material by making use of intelligent technologies, effective expertise and great modular design. We use innovative design, engineering and technology to provide you with the new standard for greenhouse cladding. We’re currently working together with the TU/e to realize our product.

What is being faced is that at the moment we grow food at an enormous scale which costs a lot of energy. Production is increasing to keep up with the population count. Food is grown suboptimally. The emissions produced by greenhouses are high and the industry is barely achieving the requirements set by legislations that are getting stricter each year. This has a considerable impact on the environment and the health of people. Next to this, the environment is changing and hail storms are becoming more frequent. Single hail storms can cause millions in damages at a single grower alone. Besides the material damages there are also very high risks for the workers that are in greenhouses when such a storm strikes.

Our mission is to provide a new type of greenhouse cladding that will enable the greenhouse owners to keep workers in a safer environment and reduce emissions of light and CO2 in order to meet upcoming legislations.

What drives us at Light2 is that food, one of our most basic needs, is grown in an suboptimal way inside greenhouses. There’s too little innovation being applied in the industry, where we’d like to see more. The world population is growing, and so is the food industry. Our vision is to use the available knowledge in order to create the greenhouse of the future. The cladding is just the beginning.

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Focus on your needs

By letting us worry about saving energy and keeping your crops safe, you can focus on doing what you like, growing.


Custom Design

The panels are designed to be modular and durable so they can be set it up in no time and be enjoyed for a long time. The panels fit on almost every greenhouse so there is no hassle when installing.

High insulation

By making use of smart technologies, very high insulation properties can be achieved. This means less heating of your greenhouse and more profit. The panels help you realize a 30% saving on your montly power consumption.

Hail proof

We make use of very strong components to build the panels we are able to make them hail proof. By using these materials the panels will survive under very harsh conditions, no more shattered glass.

90%> transmission

The cladding is created with the importance of light in mind. The panels are able to achieve light transmission values of over 90%.


The panels are constructed with the use of new technologies. There are specially treated foils, shading and strong frameworks involved. They all have very interesting specs, but if you'd like to know about all of the technological aspects of the product send us an email and we'll get right back to you!

Meet our team

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Michael Verhage FounderPhysics

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This is Michael. Our physics master student, very smart and loves to play the violin.

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Koen de Raad FounderBusiness

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This is Koen, student webscience, he likes online marketing and squash.

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Yogesh Rao Co-FounderTechnology

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This is Yogesh, the mechanical engineer that is dedicated about technology as well as kick-boxing.

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Rick Baats Co-FounderStrategy

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This is Rick, our business student at wageningen he's passionate about entrepreneurship and is a hard worker.